Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Evil Conservatives by Mike Appel

What exactly is up with all of these immoral and evil Republicans and conservatives that I keep hearing about?  What kind of people are they?  From what I’m always hearing, these people must a full step beyond Satin himself.  Even President Obama himself just recently said that Republicans want “dirtier air, dirtier water, & less people with health insurance.”  I think that anyone hearing that would have to say that these people sound pretty awful!  Obviously Presidents don’t lie, so it must be true – right?  From what we are constantly told, these people hate “Mother Earth” and only want to exploit and destroy her.  They want us all to breathe filthy brown air, and to drink greenish-brown carcinogenic water.  They want to cut down all the trees, kill all the wildlife, and build concrete jungles everywhere for profit.  To top things off, they also want to take all of the money from the poor, and leave them with absolutely nothing so that they end up dying in the streets!  They must be real heartless “S.O.B.’s”!  They just don’t care about the earth or common people like the liberal Democrats do.  Liberals unselfishly only want what’s best for all – right?

        Honestly, my being a proud conservative and a Republican, I really don’t identify with virtually any of the fallacies and lies previously listed.  I also have not yet met any other conservative Republicans that are even nearly as heartless, irresponsible or just plain evil as portrayed above.  What is irresponsible, heartless and, yes, evil, are the blatant and deliberate lies and twistings of the truth that the left constantly uses to demagogue the issues.  Not only are they lying to the people, but they are showing their contempt and low option of the intelligence of the American people – unfortunately sometime with reason.
          The facts are that the Earth is not nearly as fragile as the left likes to claim and is much more resilient than they would ever admit.  Yes, portions of the Earth can be temporarily damaged, and that should never happen if possible, but we can clean up our mistakes and the Earth will repair itself given time – all is not lost with every blemish.  Just because we don’t worship the planet, does not mean that anyone should be allowed to irresponsibly pollute the environment without any care at all.  No one, in their right mind, wants to live in a polluted environment.  But, should we allow our freedoms and rights to be taken from us through excessive and unnecessary regulations and rules by power hungry politicians using the environment as a ploy to usurp power?  No!  Should we halt all human and economic progress for fear of the possibility of doing something negative to the environment?  No!  If we accept the premise that human actives of any kind will potentially damage the Earth, than we might as well not even bother getting out of bed anymore – we lost and all is over.
          Regarding conservative’s attitudes toward the poor and the underprivileged, statistics speak volumes.  Conservative’s give approximately 30% more than liberals do – they put their money where the mouths are.  Conservatism promotes equality of opportunity, rather than outcome or, so called, “social justice”.  We believe that every citizen should have the opportunity to work as hard as they wish, to become as wealth as they can.  Conservatives are not out to destroy the Earth or the environment; they want all people to have the economic chances rewarded to them according to their ability and willingness to work; and they want people get whatever help they actually need – we don’t believe in a free ride.  Don’t always believe what you hear – what you are hearing may have been spun away from the truth.  Conservatives are people that care about maintaining Constitutional freedoms, as well as economic possibilities for all.  We are not the evil so-and-so’s that the left likes to claim, and we do want a good and clean Earth to live in – that’s just the facts.  
-- Mike Appel


  1. In response, I just have to say that you blow everything out of proportion with your use of emphasis on certain words, and your opinion shows right through the sarcasm on these emphasized words. First of all, to divide people into two kinds of people is a ridiculous thing to do, and is one of the many things wrong with our country. Our own country is arguing and fighting with itself. To claim that Republicans see things one way and that Democrats see things another way begins in a completely distorted view of how the human mind even functions. There is one thing we can agree that we all want: peace and prosperity. We each have different ideas about what will bring peace and prosperity, or how to pay for it - HOWEVER, those opposing views are the PRIMARY CAUSE of our lacking peace and prosperity. Your blog seems to just be asking for disagreement.

  2. As Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem at the same level of mind that created it". The mindset that created all of the problems we have now is one of division. Our country has been divided into many opposing political schools of thought - how is this kind of division ever going to lead to unity? We were called "united" states for a reason - shouldn't our primary goal be to forget these dividing concepts, such as "Republican" and "Democrat", and start thinking and acting together as one people? This is what President Obama seemed to stand for, and is why I voted for him.

    1. Our country was founded on division. We are united “States," meaning different areas full of people with different beliefs and different ideas about how to live their lives.

      “Unity” is the fallacy. It’s the essence of fascist thinking to try and get everyone to think and believe the same way; and to be honest it’s also dangerous to think everyone should think the same way. The president is a champion of this nonsense. We are a great country BECAUSE of our divisions. The problem arises from the fact that our citizens are no longer as informed as they once were, and this is due to people, like you, who want us all to think the same way.

      An ignorant, uninformed voter can be conned into thinking anyway those in power want them to think. That is why “unity of thought” is so dangerous.

      And who decides what way is best? You? Me? The president?

  3. ....and look at the fruit of your vote.

  4. What matters is not the "fruit" of a vote, but the purpose of a vote. You imply that President Obama is responsible for the problems happening now, but in reality the president is not in as much power as we take him to be. There are obviously many obstacles to an ideal world, but that is no reason for us to fall as low as placing blame on people or political parties. Look at the 'fruit' of blame - it leads nowhere but more fighting among U.S. brethren.

  5. So there is no such thing as cause and effect? Action and reaction?
    You speak of an ideal world, based on who's moral values?

  6. I'm saying that with a cause that serves a purpose for an ideal world, we can gradually approach that ideal world in effect - the primary focus being on the cause, not the effect. Right now, many people are focusing on the effect and are looking for somebody to blame, or some logical source that caused things to go wrong, which has only led to more separation among the people as they argue about who/what is right and who/what is wrong. All of the most intelligent minds to date have said that a clear vision (the 'cause' end of a cause-effect relationship) leads to desirable results.

    Back to what I said before, I think that we should be concentrating on what everybody can agree on - peace and prosperity - and start from there. That way everybody can think and work together to come to solutions, rather than being split up into multiple parts that can't come together for a decision, and end up instead getting angry and fighting with each other.

  7. Progressive collectivism? No thanks, it has never worked and denies the nature of man.
    Your philosophies have been the tools of tyrants since the dawn of time. Pursuing a cause without checks on results or outcomes leads to a moral flexibility of society that can justify the most horrific atrocities imaginable.
    People must sacrifice their rights and liberties for the greater good of the collective?
    That's not what America was founded on and I want no part of it. I will continue to fight with whomever want's to take my or anyone's God given rights. I make no apologies for it.

  8. You're taking everything I said to an extreme.

    I never said NO checks on results or outcomes - I said that we need to keep a clear focus on having a cause that is agreed upon by everybody, rather than say, one political party. You're fighting for a cause that exists only in your mind, because you assume so many extremes to be true. This is not an oppressed country. Our biggest problem as a country is that we can't seem to go back to the root question: What can we do to find a peaceful balance within our country and with the rest of the world?
    We've got to stop focusing on blame for problems, and refocus on something that actually gives drive and direction.

  9. I don't take augments to the extreme. I take them to their logical conclusion based on historical precedence.

  10. History is not always going to reflect modern ideas - with the newer technologies and whatnot that we have now, everything can end up differently even if the exact same situation were to come up as something in the past. The world and human civilization are every-changing, just as the probability of history being repeated is getting progressively narrower. Especially with a broad goal like what I mentioned, such as beginning where everybody agrees (a goal of peace), that is much too broad to even say that a certain part of history is going to be repeated in the process. I don't see how a completely mutual understanding among U.S. citizens could ever be problematic.

  11. Such as our constitution? We seem to be having a hard time following it as of late and it is a common set of goals.

  12. The constitution is completely off topic. I'm talking about the state of mind that we are taking today - how so many people are getting caught up in disagreement and blame, when what our country needs is unity.