Saturday, November 12, 2011


  1. The only rights you have are the ones you know about.
  2. One of the most oppressive phrases ever spoken:  "There ought to be a law......".
  3. Fairness is a construct of the human mind and is fatally flawed.  Justice is God's law that humans cannot completely comprehend.
  4. Freedom and Tyranny can be equally frightening.  Freedom requires hard work and responsibility,  tyranny takes the possibility of them away.
  5. I've found questions to be far more powerful than statements.
  6. The principle problem with keeping up with current events is that you quickly learn that current events seem to be shaped by people that don't keep up on current events.
  7. I've heard many speak about the value of a "Big Tent" in politics.  The trouble I have with this concept is that big tents are usually filled with a lot of circus clowns.
  8. To continue to argue with a fool is to become a fool yourself.
  9. A life void of virtue tends to be a short one.
  10. Mediocrity under the guise of fairness is fair to no one.
  11. People that stand in "the middle of the road" tend to get run over.


  1. Are they quotes? These were thoughts I jotted down in my black book over that last couple of years. If they are quotes of other people I'm sorry if I plagiarized. Or maybe great minds think alike?