Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy and Liberty

When I stopped in at Occupy Vancouver I saw and heard socialism and antisemitism. I saw greed and theft advocated for under the guise of mob rule. I don't care if someone has one reasonable idea. I can't stand with them if they have just as many or more evil ideas. I hear the argument "well they don't represent the movement". The question is why are they willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them then?
I've seen many liberty lovers drawn to this movement and it's unclear to me how they can tolerate some clearly socialist agendas within the movement just because they agree with them on the Federal Reserve, foreign policy and other banking issues.
Are numbers so important that it makes it O.K. to set aside some principled values in order to bring more into the fold? Do the ends justify the means?
It is my opinion that in the political realm guilt by association is a valid concern.


  1. Well said! The challenge in standing for Liberty is more that those that tout the Constitution. It is from our Primary Founding Document - The Declaration of Independence - that we gather our ideals of Liberty and Rights as given by God. The occupiers and many others have no view of Virtue as you well said. Virtue is that component of God given humility and grace that then is willing to die for Liberty. I always wonder if the occupiers and the so called libertarians are really willing to give their Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor to preserve Liberty!

    Thanks for getting the thoughts going!

  2. To me the first clue was the symbol they picked for the movement. A clenched fist in the air. Hello!!!!

  3. I tried to post to your first blog! I couldn't figure out how to sign in. If this works, nice blog! I have been thinking the same thing lately. I let my first blog go. Maybe I'll set it up again!

  4. You should blog Lynda. Everyone in the group should. I'm going to use this as a platform to tie to our other efforts.