Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shahram Hadian meets We The People

by Steven Nelson
On Friday, November 18, 2011 Shahram Hadian addressed the local activist group We The People – Vancouver at Cascade Middle School. Mr. Hadian is a Republican candidate for the Governor of Washington State.

Hadian, in his first half of his address discussed his spiritual journey from an Iranian born Muslim to an American Christian pastor. This journey has lead to his creation of the Truth In Love Project. It’s mission is to "Speak The Truth In Love" on a variety of critical issues that affect our State and Nation.
Hadian outlined the threat of sharia law and explained the differences between Islam and Christianity.  He clearly sees Islam as incompatible with the American form of government and at one point stated, "There are peaceful Muslims, but Islam is not peaceful".  

 A crowd of nearly 70 concerned citizens listen intently to Hadian's address. 

The second half of Mr. Hadian’s address was focused on his campaign for Governor.
Hadian's campaign message is that we need courageous leadership to deal with the issues that face the state of Washington.  He stated that compromise and political correctness are bankrupting state budgets and that it will take true courage to confront these problems head on.
He sited Governor Scott Walker (WI) several times and embraced his approach to dealing with union contracts and collective bargaining.  At one point Hadian stated, "We have to strike down our collective bargaining laws. They are not constitutional."  He also said, "I do not believe collective bargaining is a right, it is a privilege."
Hadian later spoke to party politics stating, "We have to put principles before party politics."  He also said, "I believe in the platform of the Republican party, I'm not sure that everybody in the Republican party wants to stand on that platform, but I do."
A short video of excerpts of his address can be viewed below.

Clearly his message resonated with the crowd of "Tea Party" and liberty minded activists.
While Hadian faces an uphill battle to get past the primary, he welcomes the challenge.  In this blogger's opinion, Hadian will be one to watch in 2012.

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