Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Very Disappointed by Tom Niewulis Jr

I'm very disappointed in the vote of the many Republicans that voted for the Payroll Tax extension. I read the bill and am aghast at what is in this legislation. I verified in the language that there are more fees and cost to the public than what any of the short term savings will be to a tax payer.

Anyone who voted for this bill is not any different than the Pelosi crew that gave us Obama-care. This is the same insanity of foisting an omnibus bill on the Citizenry under false pretenses. Oh, yes, the Keystone project is in there but, the president is being defiant with that as well as the removal of funding for several of his czar's. So, those that voted for the Payroll Tax extension gave a tyrant more to thumb his nose at We The People as well as continue to subversively tax the people, especially new home buyers or those refinancing their homes, through fees.

Again we are seeing the 1760 through the 1770's playing themselves out but only this time under our own elected persons that should be acting to protect our property (money) and Liberty. God help us! We need to repent and return this nation to the Foundations under which it was formed.
 After re-reading the bill, I will attest that all those so called conservative republicans that voted for this bill show that they are Pro-abortion. In this bill is federal funding for abortions in the Washington, D.C. area! So I call on all the Citizens to challenge their so called conservative representative on why they are now pro-abortion and scold them for being ignorant of the full content of the bill. We must stop these omnibus bills they are full of evil!!

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