Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go West Yong Man

by Mike Appel
I was listening to the radio today when I heard a discussion of the current situation facing Florida Rep. Allen West.  Representative West is the dynamic and outspoken African-American former U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and current freshman conservative Republican congressman who is overwhelming supported by people within the Tea-Party movement.  He is an up and coming star in the Republican Party, who has also been mentioned as a potential VP candidate.  Today however, I heard that due to redistricting by the establishment-dominated moderates of the Florida Republican Party who have control of the Florida legislature, he may be deliberately pushed into a predominately Democratic district, making it difficult or impossible for him to get re-elected to congress.  His own party is evidently sabotaging his re-election due to a fear, distrust and dislike of true conservatives and Tea Party members within the party.  This sounds like an attempted purge within the party.  I find this outrageous if true, but I have also found an article in Politico backing the story up.  
            Politico also claims that there may be a link between members of the moderate Romney campaign and these dirty dealings – the Florida Speaker, who is also deep with the Romney campaign, is evidently holding a great deal of sway in the redistricting process.  Evidently, since West has refused to go along with the moderate wing of the party and has been very vocal on maters dear to the conservative movement, they now view him as a danger and liability that has to go.  They may be trying to send a message that Tea-Partiers and conservatives in general that they are no longer welcome in the party.  I sincerely hope that that is not the message that is being sent, because if it is, it could mean the split and destruction of the Republican Party as a viable entity, and the necessary creation of a third conservative party; that in turn could mean the Democratic Party gaining a rebirth out of the ashes of the GOP.  Meanwhile, the moderate members of the Florida Republican Party had better watch out and hope that their diabolical plan doesn’t work.  If this is how they are willing to treat a conservative man of such high ethics and ideals as is Congressman West within their own party, I can tell you this, if I lived in Florida, I would never give the state party another dime to support of this kind of disloyalty, and I’m quite sure that there are others who might feel the same way.

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