Sunday, January 1, 2012


by Lynn Costello

Almost from birth, the journey toward independence begins.  For just a short time they are content being carried around in loving arms; soon they begin working tirelessly to stand on their own feet and take their first steps.  This phenomenon is especially prevalent at age two and again during the teenage years.  A major tool parents use to accommodate this task is “responsibilities.”  They begin small and grow along with the child.  Assigning responsibilities allows the child to earn trust and learn life-long lessons, leading eventually to independence. This investment in building an independent citizen leads to immeasurable contributions to society and is the foundation for the future.  That is how it is supposed to work, but…..

The Federal government has grown beyond its limits and the leviathan has weaved its way into every aspect of our lives.  The assumption now is that for every problem and every need our only recourse is to turn to this be-all end-all entity whose only concern is in our best interests.  Certainly we need to be told what light bulbs to buy, what healthy foods to eat, how we should run our businesses, how our health care needs should be met, how to attend to our private property and other decisions that now must be made by the experts.  The more they give to us the more they take away until we are left with nothing to manage on our own.  The dream of being care-free and provided for has taken away the very meaning of life.

As explained in “The Closing of the American Mind” by Allan Bloom: “The road from the state of nature was very long, and nature is distant from us now.  A self-sufficient, solitary being must have undergone many changes to become a needy, social one.  On the way, the goal of happiness was exchanged for the pursuit of safety and comfort, the means of achieving happiness.  Civil society is surely superior to a condition of scarcity and universal war.  All this artifice, however, preserves a being who no longer knows what he is, who is so absorbed with existing that he has forgotten his reason for existing, who in the event of actually attaining full security and perfect comfort has no notion of what to do.  Progress culminates in the recognition that life is meaningless.”

Our natural state lies in our independence and I don’t know about you, but I want mine back.


  1. Well done, Lynn Costello! I'm with you...I want my independence back!

  2. With ya all the way! We gotta lotta work to do!

  3. Woodland Savage 22January 6, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Me Too! Looks like Obama is turning into a dictator. With all of these executive orders that are not constitutional at all! Let's hope we get some more help in Wa DC next fall or we won't have a country anymore!

  4. The universe began by chance and devoid of purpose. From that beginning devoid of purpose, man evolved devoid of purpose and therefore without value. But man had needs beyond that which he could meet on his own. Therefore society evolved to provide those needs. Man’s needs evolved in complexity and magnitude and therefore the needs of society evolved in complexity and magnitude. The State evolved to meet the needs of society.

    That which provides is Superior to that which is provided for. And that which provides has purpose and value. That which has purpose and value is Superior to that which is devoid of purpose and without value. Therefore, the State evolved Superior to man.

    The State which is Superior to man has needs which are superior to the needs of man. The State transformed man from a being devoid of purpose and without value into a Human Resource which has purpose and value. The purpose of the Human Resource is to serve the State to which it is inferior. The value of the Human Resource is defined by the State relative to the needs of the State.

    Man has evolved from a being devoid of purpose and without value to being a Human Resource with purpose and value. And the State has become god.

    No! I am not a human resource whose purpose is to serve the State and whose only value is to the State. I am a unique individual Created in the image of my God who Created me. My value and my purpose is intrinsic within my being. I am endowed by God with the free-will to make my own decisions with the expectation of reward for my good choices and judgment for my bad choices. And with the freedom to exercise the Inalienable Rights which God has bestowed upon me. Among these: the Right to Life; Liberty; and ,the pursuit of happiness. So will I live and So will I die. So help me God.

  5. Lynn, I enjoyed reading your viewpoint and was inspired by it to express my own. You are so right, our natural state is to be free and independent. To the extent we lose that, we lose our humanity.