Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Temper Temper

 by Mike Appel
Tempering steel makes it harder and more able to be sharpened and keep an edge.  To temper steel, you need to have the steel at the correct temperature.  Too cool and the steel is not tempered properly and will not be strong enough.  Too hot and you take the chance of overheating or even burning the steel.  If steel is “overheated” it is partially damaged and will not perform effectively.  If steel is “burnt” is destroyed and cannot be used for anything useful – it’s been made worthless. 
        Now look at the current battle in the Republican Party to choose a candidate to run against President Obama.  We need a good, hardened and sharp candidate to go against him, win and reverse the many damaging effects that he has had on our nation.  This is not just a wish on the part of the right, but it is a need in order to keep our country our country!  A little infighting amongst the Republican candidates is a good thing, because it strengthens the herd and the ultimate candidate.  But I fear that some of the infighting is getting far too close to being all out nuclear responses back and forth.  Not only are some of these charges and counter-charges straying into the "Leftist Zone" and being counter productive in the spreading of the Gospel of conservative principles, but these are giving Obama and the left the gift of free anti-Republican publicity with no Democrat fingerprints, as well as helping him to stock up his powder room with additional methods of attack once we have a single candidate for him to go up against.  With this being enough of a problem in itself, the greater problem that I see is the "burning" of all of our candidates so that none of them are left strong enough to ultimately meet and beat Obama.  We don't want to leave our candidates useless and damaged by allowing them to be "overheated" or "burnt".  Ashes will not stand up well against the coming Obama machine that will be sweeping through this year in a quest to rule for another four years.  Yes, temper our candidates and choose the right one, but don't unnecessarily damage them before one of them goes up against our true common foe.  
-- Mike.  

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