Sunday, January 22, 2012

Politics and the “Religious Right”

by Mike Appel
This is an indictment against many within the “religious right”.  For far too long many (not all) Christians, with politically conservative and traditional leanings, have neglected the political processes in the United States .  This neglect has helped to leave our nation in a state of moral and social decline by creating a void that has been eagerly filled by the anti-religious far left and those wishing to “progress” into a brave new world.  Many of the faithful have, as I see it, fallen into one of three main groups: the apathetic and/or lazy, the misled, and overly pious.  The apathetic and lazy have neglecting to perform their civic duties by regularly voting even though they may know that they probably should, often not casting a vote in what appear to them to be inconsequential electionsthere is no such thing!  The misled have been suckered into accepting politically correct teachings and fallacies as truth, often even when they go directly against some of the teachings of their own faith; this then, often negatively, affects their voting decisions.  The “overly pious” have forsaken all “worldly” political maters and have only concentrated on more “Godly” pursuits; while this is a very commendable goal, I also feel that they are operating in a rather self-centered, idealistic and nonrealistic bubble; after all, God did put us all “in” the world for a reason, and we should be trying to affect it for good, and not simply taking up space.  To avoid and ignore the world does not do anyone any good, except for those attempting to corrupt their surroundings; when good peoples stand on the sidelines and don’t do what they need to do to affect society for the better, they are allowing, and even promoting, negative changes and actions to occur.  They are shirking their moral and social responsibilities!
            In the last fifty to seventy years, while many good people have opted out of the political process and sat quietly watching, or not paying any attention at all, our nation and our culture has steadily deteriorated.  In a country, which was established based on the principals of citizen’s rights and freedoms, particularly religious freedoms -- we have allowed the left to gain control of both the legislatures and the courts. We had prayer in public schools for years until a group challenged it, and the Supreme Court stuck it down and now it’s gone -- public schools have deteriorated ever since (this being one of many contributing factors).  Abortion has been legalized by our courts.  The “gospel” of Darwin became established in our schools and is generally taught as absolute fact, while creationism is generally not even mentioned as an alterative theory.  Objections were not forcefully raised in a timely manor and now students are taught that our founding fathers were evil people that stole and murdered and destroyed the land.  Parental rights started being diminished little by little until decisions of sexual teachings about right and wrong, normal and abnormal, were given over to the schools and generally taken away from parents.  At some public schools it is as easy for a kid to go to the school nurse for contraceptives as it is to get a Band-Aid – all without a parent’s knowledge or consent.
             The lack of faithful people standing up and objecting at the poles has resulted in our having diminished or lost many of our long held rights, as well as much of our religious heritage.  Property rights which have always been held sacred since the establishment of our nation have in recent years been decimated by an over-reaching government that views it as a nuisance and no longer respects private property.  Trial balloons have already been sent up by the current administration to test the waters as far as removing the tax exemptions status for charitable donations, such as for tithing to churches, as well as the idea of taxing churches themselves.  Within the last month, the Democratic governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, has started a new push to legalize gay marriage in Washington, and thus try to destroy the traditional sacrament of marriage between one man and one woman – sadly, this will almost surely pass due to the current Democratic control of the Washington state government.
            How many millions of people in our nation have been “lost” because people have allowed our society and government to become more and more secularized and religiously hostile?  People of the religious right who have sat back saying “Oh what a shame it is, look what has happened to our county…”, but have refused to do their civic duties, should hang their heads in shame and accept a good portion of  the blame for the condition of our nation, and of the people in it today.  Our nation is under attack from within, and the faithful, if they choose to take up their traditional patriotic roles in political issues by simply voting when elections come around, can make a huge difference in re-making this nation “Under God” once again as well as reestablishing many of our lost rights and traditions as citizens of the United States of America.  Stand-up and do your civil duty and vote, or be judged on your lack of action!

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