Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's the Difference?

by Lynn Costello

Truth often comes in pieces and it takes time to put them all together.  A couple pieces became clear to me recently when I was trying to understand the differing views between those of us on the right and our friends on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The conservative appeal supports freedom and liberty with the knowledge and acceptance that freedom also requires responsibility.  We drill into our children the concept that they can be whatever they choose to be and to reach for the stars.  We know that, like us, they will fall.  We know that they will also get up and try again, and again.  We are limited by our desires and our dreams.

The liberal seems not as concerned with freedom per se but is steadfast in support of rights.  Not necessarily those endowed by our Creator but those “other” rights.  There was a time when we “earned the right” to something, but these rights are given, expected and eventually demanded.  These rights seem to be deserved with no requirement to respond and no obligation to perform.  As these rights materialize satisfaction is short-lived for every need requires yet more rights.  If failure should occur the blame is placed on those with the responsibility of providing these rights.  At the end of the road is helpless dependency.

This liberal attitude has manifested itself in the Occupy Movement.  Fingers of blame point to the rich and corporations and their indisputable greed.  At the same time there is no sympathy for the middle class taxpayer who will ultimately be responsible for cleaning up their mess.  Sadly, these 99er’s fail to see the power within to determine their circumstance; what chosen path brought them here and what decisions can they now make to affect their future?

Freedom is hard work and demands from each of us for the benefit of all of us.  As conservatives, we believe:
·        We have the right as well as the duty to govern ourselves which requires self-reliance and personal restraint;
·        As a human being, it is our obligation to treat others with dignity, care and respect;
·        As a citizen, it is our obligation to practice morality and virtue;
·        As a parent, it is our obligation to raise and educate our children.
We also believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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  1. As always Lynn, well done. The conversation goes deeper and more to the reality that the 'ism' are inherently deceitful. Thereby their view of rights, responsibility and morality have been perverted by humanism and marxism in particular. With that, they are not only allowed to manipulate definitions of words, they are compelled to do so! I sent to a number of you what the liberals define as the "inherent right to lie" from the book "None Dare Call It Treason" which openly calls for government to "lie" to the people to accomplish its ends. This is directly out of the fabian & communist playbook which is also a part of the islam edict.

    So we who have our guideline established in God follow your distinct conclusions but those that are Godless are looking for that which will fill the gap in their souls hence the manipulation of words and ideas, "rights" and "Liberty, by the oc's, islamics and others that dispise the moral and virtuous person that adheres to the Judo-Christian God. We have to return to the truth of the Gospel as Jesus taught and our Founders exemplified in our Constitutional Republic set in action by the Declaration of Independence.