Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama's "Compromise"

by Mike Appel
 President Obama began last week to push his anti-Catholic / anti-religious freedom / anti-individual freedom plan to force all employers, including religiously affiliated organizations, to provide insurance for contraceptives, including abortions, to all employees.  Obviously most religious affiliations do not approve of abortions, and many, including Catholics, do not support any kind of contraceptives at all – this plan fundamentally goes direction against many of their most basic beliefs.  Due to the President’s heavy-handed and over-reaching planned new regulations, he met up with a huge fire-storm of opposition by both Catholics and many other concerned and outraged citizens.  Their outrage goes far beyond any kind of money issues and directly to freedom issues, especially freedom of religion.
            Today Obama supposedly backed down and offered a “compromise”, which seemed to, at least temporarily, take some of the heat off of him and his administration.  But this compromise is nothing more that an attempt to put lipstick on a pig – it may look a little different and perhaps better, but it’s still a pig!  And the new plan?  The religious organizations will not have to pay for contraceptives at all.  That sounds great!  Religion won, right?  Well, technically I suppose.  The rub is that now the insurance companies themselves will have to provide the same benefits to the same employees, for “FREE” – they can not charge the employee for any of the benefits, including any kind of co-pay.  The President is so generous with other people’s money.  As any honest, thinking person would admit, nothing is free in the business world.  This plan, if enacted, will cost the insurance companies money, and they have already said that they would probably have to increase premiums.  They would pass the charges on to all of us, whether we approve of the benefit or not.  In reality, even the religious organizations would be paying for contraceptives and abortions, because contraceptives would be supplemented by higher premiums.  Yes, technically it won’t say that they are paying for the benefits on their premiums invoices, because the charges would be hidden, but the fact is that they will be.  If the previously outraged organizations and citizens capitulate and accept this new plan, they will be simply trading their principles and beliefs for semantics, because they will still be providing government mandated contraceptives and abortions.  This is indeed a freedom issue that should not be accepted or ignored.  If the government can make this policy stick, tearing down this group's rights and freedoms, no one is safe... 
-- Mike.    

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