Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sustainable Threat

by Lynda Wilson

Sustainability, green, smart, progress….all words having connotations of clean, intelligent, fiscally sound, good moves.  Well, actually green to me has never been a feel good word. In my opinion green conjures up things like “old science projects in the fridge and green with envy. Not exactly good . Anyway, I digress already…. Truly, they do sound that way, however, it doesn’t take much research to understand these likeable words carry a much sinister meaning.  They are all related to an agenda…Agenda 21 to be exact.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan that the US signed on to in 1992. (So it isn’t just something the right wing extremist conspired to scare people).  President George HW Bush signed this agreement entering the US into a pact of sorts, not a treaty and not binding to the US, that requires states, counties, and cities to adhere to a list of rules which ultimately remove property rights from individuals and encourages families to abandon the suburbs and cars and move into the big cities where rules, laws and ordinances restrain the freedoms of all freedom loving people….  One nudge at a time.

Most of the general public is unaware of this agenda.  I myself, was totally oblivious until about 3 years ago when curiosity got the best of me and I began researching.  Even when confronted with some of the ideals and facts of this plan, many write it off as crazy or “that just wont happen in the US”.  I’m here to tell you, it is very much happening and I do think its crazy….but crazy stupid, not crazy whacko.  It has taken a strong- hold throughout the country and even more relevant in our towns and cities where regulation is ominous.

Royce Pollard
Locally, we only need to look at an agreement that our Mayor, at the time, Royce Pollard signed.  He attended the 73rd Annual US Conference of Mayors in Chicago in 2005.  This agreement, titled, “The US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement,” requires their members to “strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets in their own communities.  Never mind that the Kyoto Protocol was never agreed upon by the US, hence not to be held to its strong ideology.  The intention was to ignore federal and state governments and go straight to the roots of American Society.  Think Globally, Act Locally!

There is a list of 12 items to be accomplished by the Mayor in this agreement.  Among the list include items such as:
            To inventory global warming emissions in city operations and in the community, set reductions rates and create an action plan. The goal is to reduce by 7% by 2012. I do not know if they’ve hit their goal as I don’t know how they measure that.  I’m not sure they do either.
            To promote transportation options such as bicycle trails, commute trip reduction programs, incentives for carpooling and public transit. (Light rail, Bus Rapid transit?)
            Practice and promote sustainable building practices using the US building council’s LEED program  (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design).  As a side note here and a fact that might interest you, Vancouver put themselves on the map as the Hilton Hotel was the first LEED certified hotel in the World! I wonder how much extra this special award cost us, the taxpayer.

Another indication of our local government being heavily involved and committed to this agenda is the inclusion of a paid membership in what is called ICLEI. (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives).  This isn’t mentioned so much anymore as the new cliché being used is “Sustainability” developments.  According to our local city council even, if it isn’t sustainable, it isn’t good.

Just a quick perusal of the city of Vancouver’s website, if you know what you are looking for and know the jargon for these green agendas, they make their case in black and white.  The banner alone on this site says, “Pride, Progress and Possibilities.”  The City also had a dedicated team that met regularly to plan the course of forward action.  This team called themselves the “Green Ribbon Panel”.  The language, once again, is intended to create a feeling of doing the “right” thing.  Protecting their citizens, since we all know the citizen is just not capable of doing so themselves.  Just a few examples of their discussion in November of 2007 in what a “green and sustainable” Vancouver would look like in the year 2030. This would include, Public Transportation (indicators half a block), net zero plus energy, high density self-contained villages, well connected mass transit, no lawns, add children into creative side of  business, and to foster hope!  Your guess is as good as mine as to what the description of some of those mean.

So, what could they do by 2012?  Let us take a peek.
            Get cars off the road-fee for distance to work
            Teach footprint analysis as part of school curriculum
            Green building codes in place
            Community garden-Pacific Park (invite school districts to Participate
            Get a baseline idea of how much the people really know about sustainability and how they can conform; perform a survey to get the results.
Toward the end of their meeting their assignment was to have their departments come up with 2-3 strategies outside the box to improve where we are.  Be Outrageous and think BIG!
Well, I don’t know about you, but I think this entire way of thinking is outrageous and it’s definitely getting big!

Agenda 21 is real. It is dangerous to our way of life and there are many that have committed as their life’s work to get it implemented everywhere and anywhere.  We must educate ourselves and when we learn, teach this atrocity to others.  Our only hope of stopping this Agenda is to become very well versed in it and to question its implementation at every level.  Our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness lie in the balance.

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