Friday, March 2, 2012


by Lynn Costello

Charts, graphs, statistics, ratios, percentages, trends, numbers all laid out to show Americans where we’ve been, where we are now and where we are going.  For the chart lover the ultimate is the Heritage Foundation’s annual budget chart book.  How much of this do you see before your eyes roll to the back of your head?  Experts, analysts and others decry that this debt and out of control spending is unsustainable.  Yet despite these undeniable facts the response from citizens and politicians alike is unison ho-hum.

The word unsustainable has meaning and is a stern, dire warning that this cannot and will not stand.  When the end will come we do not know; yet, still we hear the ho-hum.
The 2010 elections brought fresh energy into the political scene with the new legislators recognizing the serious nature of this crisis and the repercussions for future generations.  They banded together and held tight for all too short a time.  Some stayed true to their principles of a constitutional limited government.  Others disappointed us.  They gave in to fear.  The fear of being attacked and castigated by the press, the fear of being labeled extreme, the fear of not “getting along,” and the fear of not getting re-elected.

While in Washington they picked up the fine art of magnifying insignificant achievements while placing heavy emphasis on all their labors and reminding us of the benefits of compromise.  They explain that it would be irresponsible to do too much too fast.  My response to that is the same response I would have when my house is burning and the fireman arrives with a child’s squirt gun.  We cure cancer not by cutting it out a slice at a time.  Call it extreme if you wish, but we need bold, decisive action by confident statesmen who are not afraid.
There is no compromise between life and death, success or failure.  What is the compromise between the 49.5% who pay no federal income taxes and the 50.5% who do?  In 2012 the 49.5% will vote to sustain big government.  For the 50.5% this just might be Custer’s last stand.


  1. The Republic is in grave danger.
    It is indeed time to take your stand!

  2. For the 50.5% it won't matter unless they are united behind a candidate that CAN unite.