Monday, April 30, 2012


by Lynn Costello
Some teased me about being short; it wasn’t until seventh grade that I finally reached the five foot mark.  I’ve gotten used to needing a stool to reach the top shelf and I learned how to hem pants at an early age (that was before they started making “petites”).  But now I learn that I have been beneficial to the environment.  Who knew?

Recently reported in Reason Magazine is “The Short People Solution to Climate Change” by Ronald Bailey who states that researchers at New York University and Oxford University will be publishing a new paper in which they argue that short people are more climate- friendly.  Environmental concerns have motivated such studies before:

Friday, April 20, 2012


by Lynn Costello
Recently on Fox News Channel, Juan Williams like many other left-wing commentators lamented the severe consequences of electing Mitt Romney or any other conservative for that matter.  His deep concern was that Romney would eliminate all regulation in America.  Really, Juan, zero regulation?  I don’t know a time in the history of the United States of America when there was zero regulation. 

Besides making things “regular” regulation was most often used to promote health and safety.  Over the years life has become so complex that the American people are no longer able to make decisions about their businesses, their families or their lives; thus, government is now required to provide extensive “instructions” for us to follow.  Juan and his ilk fear that without these instructions and restrictions people would be harmed and confused.

I might point out that in 2011 alone there were 4,257 new regulations requiring businesses to spend 8.8 billion hours to comply with a cost to those businesses of $1.75 trillion.  The specificity of these regulations is mind-boggling as you can see from the following Federal Trade Commission regulation of appliance labels.

The FTC intends to prohibit manufacturers from hanging the yellow Energy Guide labels from clothes washers, dishwashers and refrigerators.  The current rule defines a “hang tag” as a label “affixed to the product…using string or similar material.”  According to the FTC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking adhesive labels of the following type will be required:
·       The adhesive labels should be applied so they can be easily removed without the use of tools or liquids, other than water, but should be applied with an adhesion capacity sufficient to prevent their dislodgment during normal handling throughout the chain of distribution to the consumer.  The paper stock for pressure-sensitive or other adhesive labels shall have a basic weight of not less than 58 pounds per 500 sheets (25”x38”) or equivalent, exclusive of the release liner and adhesive.  A minimum peel adhesion capacity for the adhesive of 12 ounces per square inch is suggested, but not required if the adhesive can otherwise meet the requirements of this paragraph.
This is an abbreviated and partial version of the new rule; for the complete rule see the Appliance Labeling Rule under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1979.   It should also be noted that in addition to the above, officials at U.S. Customs and Border Protection are proposing to turn away imports of consumer products and industrial equipment that do not comply with America’s labeling standards.
It occurs to me that Juan Williams may have issues to be concerned about, but lack of regulation should not be one of them.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Like Mike!

We at PNW are happy to see Mike in the race.

My name is Mike Appel and I’m running for Washington State Representative in the 17th Legislative District. I’m a conservative Republican and I don’t like what the Democrats have done to our state. They’ve been in control of our state for most of the last three decades and they’ve managed to run it into the ground. They’ve had us circling the drain for years; they’ve left a nasty ring, and the waters almost gone. They need to be removed from power, we need to clean-up and start filling back up.
Mike Appel candidate for WA Rep. 17th Leg. Dist.
Currently, we no longer have a government that serves us; rather, we have a government that expects us to serve it, feed it, and obey it. Under the Democrats, we’ve lost our freedoms, our money and our jobs. They’ve regulated citizens and businesses to the point of ruin. Property rights are no longer viewed as anything but a hindrance to the government. Democrats have placed themselves in charge of socially engineering our society into their image. Environmentalism is held up as the new state “religion”, while traditional Judeo-Christian religious and social norms, such as traditional marriage, are held with contempt and often dismissed as passé and no longer relevant. Every aspect of the environment is considered sacred above the individual, above the economy, above jobs, and above the society as a whole. U. N. Agenda 21 environmental regulations have spread throughout every level of government much like an aggressive cancer. Our economy has been devastated for the last few years, and is now running budget deficits. Responsible individuals, who find that they have no money, stop their spending and cut back; our current government doesn’t believe in that. The Democrats in our state government are addicted to spending our money, and view us as being too stupid to spend our money correctly, so they feel that they need to find more ways to take control of it, so that they can spend it on what they believes it should be spent on, such as vote-buying entitlements and cronyism.