Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Like Mike!

We at PNW are happy to see Mike in the race.

My name is Mike Appel and I’m running for Washington State Representative in the 17th Legislative District. I’m a conservative Republican and I don’t like what the Democrats have done to our state. They’ve been in control of our state for most of the last three decades and they’ve managed to run it into the ground. They’ve had us circling the drain for years; they’ve left a nasty ring, and the waters almost gone. They need to be removed from power, we need to clean-up and start filling back up.
Mike Appel candidate for WA Rep. 17th Leg. Dist.
Currently, we no longer have a government that serves us; rather, we have a government that expects us to serve it, feed it, and obey it. Under the Democrats, we’ve lost our freedoms, our money and our jobs. They’ve regulated citizens and businesses to the point of ruin. Property rights are no longer viewed as anything but a hindrance to the government. Democrats have placed themselves in charge of socially engineering our society into their image. Environmentalism is held up as the new state “religion”, while traditional Judeo-Christian religious and social norms, such as traditional marriage, are held with contempt and often dismissed as passé and no longer relevant. Every aspect of the environment is considered sacred above the individual, above the economy, above jobs, and above the society as a whole. U. N. Agenda 21 environmental regulations have spread throughout every level of government much like an aggressive cancer. Our economy has been devastated for the last few years, and is now running budget deficits. Responsible individuals, who find that they have no money, stop their spending and cut back; our current government doesn’t believe in that. The Democrats in our state government are addicted to spending our money, and view us as being too stupid to spend our money correctly, so they feel that they need to find more ways to take control of it, so that they can spend it on what they believes it should be spent on, such as vote-buying entitlements and cronyism.

I believe in the many freedoms promised to us by our forefathers in the Declaration and the Constitution, including, but not limited to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That also includes property rights that should trump any environment law as long as it doesn’t directly negatively affect our neighbors. That is not to say that blatant polluting should ever be tolerated, but rather as long as people are acting responsibly, they should be left alone with the freedom to do as they like with their own property and not be hassled in any way by the government or quasi–government entities. Agenda 21 regulations need to be eliminated. Certain gay rights are fine, but marriage is a sacrament that should remain between one man and one woman. The government should not regulate anything in our lives or in our businesses unless it’s truly necessary for the public safety or, very narrowly, for the public good. We do not need a nanny state to take care of us. We need not be taxed or incur any more fees, charges or tolls than are absolutely necessary, and that means that many of the unnecessary activities and functions of state government need to go. Unusual entitlements need to be cut and we need to get our spending under control before our state becomes a mini-Greece. My Democratic opponent has been in office for almost four years; to again ask the question that candidate Ronald Reagan asked in 1980, “Are you better off now, than you were four years ago?” If the answer is “No”, I hope that you will support me, Mike Appel, for Washington State Representative, District 17, Position 1, with your votes and your donations.
Thank you.
(Donations checks can be made out to “Elect Mike Appel” and mailed to:
Elect Mike Appel
P.O. Box 823395
Vancouver, WA 98682
(Maximum of $900.00/person ($1800.00/couple), for Primary and then again for the General)
Please include the following information for Public Disclosure Committee reporting purposes:
Amount of Donation: $
E-Mail Address(es):
Phone# (Home):
(* Necessary for all donations over $100.00)
*Employer City(s)/State(s):

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