Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Ole U.S. of A

A poem by Vance Ricks

These are troubling times, filled with hat and crime,
where strength and greed prevail;
in their ivory towers, our leaders in power,
do avoid prosecution and jail.

They continue to win, prospering from sin,
as they are thee elected in faith;
they speak of peace and societies needs,
yet their hearts are filled with hate.

So how I ask, as time does pass,
how do we let them rule?
with an iron fist and the devils kiss,
which preys upon the minds of fools.

For in this age, of political rage,
where the hearts of men are soiled;
it’s our nation’s clout, that is now in doubt,
as our image is tattered and spoiled.

So as we continue, to follow this venue,
where lies and corruption are with us;
we’ve lost our sight, and maybe our bite,
while jeopardizing our independence.

For in a land, where the ultimate plan,
is to arrest then incarcerate;
the message we send, to allies and friends,
is one of doom and hate.

For how on earth, could a land once pure,
become so spoiled and rotten?
For a nations pride, and at freedoms price,
our fore fathers have been forgotten.

From Benjamin Franklin, to Abraham Lincoln,
the Constitution to the Bill of Rights;
from the pilgrims lore, to the Civil War,
where the States would finally unite.

Then from the depression, through Hitler’s aggression,
Korea and the Middle East;
we once stood tall, but now we fall,
to desires from forms of the beast.

For as it is written, we’ve become quite smitten,
with the powers of greed and lust;
our morals are weak, our values quite bleak,
and in God we no longer do trust

Yes we are the place, of Sodom and Gomorrahs’s face,
we once were grate they say;
so welcome my friends, to the land of sin,
The good Ole U.S. of A……….

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