Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hanging by a Thread

Hanging by a thread,
              confidence in the Supreme Court.
Hanging by a thread,
the Constitution for which brave men and women who came before us fought and died to defend and protect.
Hanging by a thread,
              power left to the States and to the people.
Hanging by a thread,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Emergency Ordinance Backfires on Gun Rights!

Reposted with permission of Reality Clark County
Story by: Lynda Wilson and Licentia Diligo

The Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. The Washington StateConstitution says it even stronger, “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired” However, two of our current County Commissioners think otherwise (Stuart and Boldt). An Ordinance that was unanimously passed in October 2005 by the three Commissioners at the time, Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart and Betty Sue Morris, determined that during a declared emergency, if they thought you “intend” to cause bodily harm you can’t even possess, let alone carry a gun (or anything else that could be construed as a weapon). Mind you, possess means ‘own’ therefore not even able to keep in your own home or anywhere else. This Ordinance 2005-10-03, Section 2.48A.090 (i) references this.

Marc Boldt
“An order prohibiting the carrying or possession of firearms or any instrument which is capable of producing bodily harm and which is carried or possessed with intent to use the same to cause such harm; provided that any such order shall not apply to peace officers or military personnel engaged in the performance of their official duties”.

 You must understand, that this ordinance does not say specifically that they can confiscate your firearm (or other instrument) but, in order to understand this completely, you must read between the lines. The intent IS to disarm you. Of course, the most important time to carry your gun is at times of unrest and an emergency of this magnitude to declare it as such would be such a time. A natural disaster or a terrorist attack and all things in between all qualify. These are the times when citizens are most vulnerable. So, the disaster occurs, the state of emergency is declared and you strap on your gun. We all are well aware that looting and chaos very often accompany these events. In fact, case in point, during Hurricane Katrina, in an unconstitutional and idiotic move on the elected officials part, they removed, (and at times, forcefully) the guns of the citizens when they needed them most. Many, young and old, were injured by the very officers doing the confiscating.
NRA video of gun confiscation in New Orleans.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Rest of the Story

By Lynn Costello

Less than a handful is charged with determining the headlines and the rest of the mainstream media follow.  So it was when President Obama declared his support for gay marriage.  Once again we find President Obama adorning the cover of Newsweek with a shining halo overhead, reminding all of us that the nation’s leader is approaching sainthood.  The untold story remains undisturbed just beneath the surface.

The foundation of any society is the family and in America today traditional marriage and family is in decline. Pew Research Center reports that 51 percent of those over eighteen years old are getting married, while in 1962 that number was 72 percent.  The median age for marriage in 2010 was 28 years old, the highest ever recorded.

Today, 41 percent of all children are born to single mothers.  In the 1960’s that number was a mere 5 percent.  In the 1960’s households including both a mother and a father numbered 87 percent.  In 2010 those households numbered 64 percent.  The cultural and economic distress resulting from these numbers is disturbing and harmful to the fabric of our society. 

There are one-half of one percent gay households in America that receive much of the news.  Now you know the rest of the story.     

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Visions

by Lynn Costello
These phrases represent just one of the fault lines that divide our two visions:  “We’re all in this together” and “Every man for himself.”

“We’re all in this together” implies cooperation, caring, companionship and an understanding that we are responsible for one another.  “Every man for himself” on the other hand implies selfishness, unsympathetic and uncooperative.  It might be worthwhile to go beyond the sound-bites and investigate the means and ends of these two philosophies.

The idea of being responsible for all others diminishes the individual and any responsibility or accountability he may have for his own actions.  In an attempt to achieve the greater good, or justice and fairness for the collective, it becomes necessary to take from some to give to others.  The end result as shown throughout history is equally distributed mediocrity.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Washington State 2012 Convention

by Lynda Wilson
Well, that was one long week, especially since I was only a guest.  You know how hard it was for an activist to be non-active for all those days?? (Of course, it didn’t stop me from “sharing” my opinions with whoever was sitting around me).  It was very interesting just sitting and listening to the proceedings. 

I had headed up to Tacoma in the hopes that the WSRP credentials committee would hold up the CCGOP’s decision to seat the 17 in the 17th district that had the challenge before them.  Ultimately, my understanding that is was not upheld because it wasn’t done the within the parameters of the accepted time frame.  Truly disappointing but, certainly a learning experience.  Sure makes the case for learning the rules, knowing the rules, interpreting the rules and understanding the great responsibility of a governing body. 

The biggest hang up started off with agreeing to the rules as written.  Of course, that would be too easy to just accept what the entire rules committee spent hours and hours contemplating.  The rules committee determined 60 seconds would be adequate to explain your positions and introduce yourself as to why you should be elected as a delegate to the National Convention.  40 minutes went by before the vote was finally taken and passed to reduce the speeches to 30 seconds.  A whole lot of time wasted that could have been used for speeches.  Personally, understanding what a person stands for is nearly impossible in 60 seconds, let alone 30.  Try it sometime.  But, the body voted …. And so it goes.

There weren’t many times where the main body convened that contention was obvious.  As an observer, I believe it was King County Romney delegates that expressed their discontent the loudest and least courteous.  Now, behind the scenes was a different picture.  I’ve gotten bits and pieces of behind closed door manipulations, but not the entire story.  I’d like to hear the whole story.