Monday, June 4, 2012

Washington State 2012 Convention

by Lynda Wilson
Well, that was one long week, especially since I was only a guest.  You know how hard it was for an activist to be non-active for all those days?? (Of course, it didn’t stop me from “sharing” my opinions with whoever was sitting around me).  It was very interesting just sitting and listening to the proceedings. 

I had headed up to Tacoma in the hopes that the WSRP credentials committee would hold up the CCGOP’s decision to seat the 17 in the 17th district that had the challenge before them.  Ultimately, my understanding that is was not upheld because it wasn’t done the within the parameters of the accepted time frame.  Truly disappointing but, certainly a learning experience.  Sure makes the case for learning the rules, knowing the rules, interpreting the rules and understanding the great responsibility of a governing body. 

The biggest hang up started off with agreeing to the rules as written.  Of course, that would be too easy to just accept what the entire rules committee spent hours and hours contemplating.  The rules committee determined 60 seconds would be adequate to explain your positions and introduce yourself as to why you should be elected as a delegate to the National Convention.  40 minutes went by before the vote was finally taken and passed to reduce the speeches to 30 seconds.  A whole lot of time wasted that could have been used for speeches.  Personally, understanding what a person stands for is nearly impossible in 60 seconds, let alone 30.  Try it sometime.  But, the body voted …. And so it goes.

There weren’t many times where the main body convened that contention was obvious.  As an observer, I believe it was King County Romney delegates that expressed their discontent the loudest and least courteous.  Now, behind the scenes was a different picture.  I’ve gotten bits and pieces of behind closed door manipulations, but not the entire story.  I’d like to hear the whole story. 

I do have to say, when the body was dismissed to break into individual congressional districts to elect the delegates to the National Convention, the 3rd District went very smoothly.  Ryan Hart was elected as 3rd Congressional chair to conduct the balloting.  Ryan did a good job.  The majority of the delegates vote the Coalition Slate that elected two Paul delegates and one Santorum delegate to the National Convention in Tampa in August.  The second vote taken elected the Alternates with the same result, two Paul and 1 Santorum.  In the end, the only Santorum delegate from WA State was Lisa Ross from our very own 3rd District.  Tracy Wilson elected as alternate for Santorum as well.  Santorum would be proud. Well, it would have been nice to have more than just one…. But, still, there IS one!
Each district voted for an “elector”.  This person is the individual who casts the ballot for president.  All delegates elected including the elector, had to pledge and state in their 30 second speech that they would ultimately cast their vote for whomever the nominee ends up being.  All the delegates that were elected agreed to this.  Representing the 3rd will be delegates, Trevor Winton and Katja Delavar with Amanda Richards and Sam Webb as alternates.  Ann Donnelly was elected as an at large delegate representing Romney. 
Even though I didn’t get to participate in the official process, as an observer I saw the entire process work well from the outside.  Like I said earlier, I think there were shenanigans within, but for now, I’m not privy to all of that chaos.  I should be thankful!  It did, however, show that we are capable of working together within our own party.  Funny I even have to say that.  My hope is that as processes go, respect for the process and honesty will prevail.   Now on to August in Tampa…..

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  1. An accurate record of events, Lynda.
    The official decision to accept the platform in its entirety was the motion I did not like. There were only 12 sections. We could have worded the rules better and will need to remember that next time. I bet that was a window left there waiting just in case it was needed.
    The candidates' delegate counts finished in the same order that they finished in the caucuses - Romney, then Paul, then Santorum. That is fair.