Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Gun Grabbers

by: Tracy Wilson
Reposted with permission of The Gunjam

I first wrote, and printed this letter a couple of years ago in response to a Bill introduced in the Washington State Senate.  Fortunately, this Bill did not pass, (for now, anyway), but, in light of the recent tragedy in Colorado, and the subsequent call for more gun control, I felt it was worth printing again.
This should be, in no way, construed as taking this heinous crime, or any like it, lightly.  My only point is that those who continue to use horrors such as this, for the purpose of pushing their political agenda of disarming American citizens, and rendering them defenseless against such mayhem, are, once again, categorically wrong.

Tracy S. Wilson

Dear Gun Grabber,

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I am writing this letter concerning Senate Bill 6396.  This bills’ intent is to impose California and Bill Clinton style gun control on the state Of Washington.  Supposedly, this bill is aimed at so-called assault weapons.  This would predominately be in regards to semi-automatic pistols with a capacity of more than 10 rounds and AR-15 rifles (however, could and would apply to much more).

There is nothing intrinsically assault-like in regards to these weapons.  A semi-automatic hand-gun, or rifle, simply is a gun that chambers the next round automatically, without any action by the operator, such as, a lever, pump, or bolt action.  It would still require a separate pull of the trigger for each shot.  There is really no difference than a revolver that rotates its cylinder, thus lining up the next round before the hammer falls.  The element here that is under attack is the capacity of the gun.  How is it that a law-abiding citizen has no legitimate use for a defensive firearm that can be fired more than 10 times without reloading?  Ever hear of multiple attackers? What about home invasions?  The reason why police forces across the nation have abandoned their six shot service revolvers in favor of hi-capacity semi-automatics is not because they’re more suitable for assaulting people, but because they’re more effective at defending themselves against violent criminals.  Should law-abiding citizens not be allowed to avail themselves of the same means of protection??  Why is it, 10 rounds is defensive and 11 rounds are an assault?  Is this what they mean by “common sense” gun laws?  So, where is the common sense? 

In regard to AR-15 style rifles, which have unjustifiably become the poster child of the anti-gun crowd, there is nothing more lethal about them than other commonly owned rifles.  The gun control zombies would have you believe that the AR in AR stands for “assault rifle”.  However, what it pertains to is the original manufacturer’s name, Armalite.  It was their original designation using the first two letters of their company’s name (ohhh, how insidious).  Though it’s true the original AR-10 (chambered in .308) and the AR-15 (chambered in 5.56/.223 rem) were designed for the military (designated M-16), the AR’s are civilian versions that are incapable of firing automatically like the military versions.

These weapons are not any more dangerous than other rifles.  Just look at the caliber they fire.  The military originally rejected the AR-10’s chambering of the .308 in favor of the 5.56/.223 rem, because, amongst other reasons, it was less lethal.  The belief was, and still is, that you can slow down the enemy more by wounding their soldiers, thus tying up other soldiers in order to come to their aid, than to outright kill them.  That’s where the caliber gets most of its criticism, due to its lack of deadliness.  Many states forbid the use of this caliber for hunting deer because of its ineffectiveness in killing the animal.  This lack of power to kill reliably, should be embraced by the very people who are attacking these rifles.  The main objection in any defensive action is to STOP the attack, not to necessarily kill, but to stop the perpetrator(s).  This, the AR-15 does very well.

Many will still wonder why the AR-15 would be chosen as a defense option.  The reason is in the flexibility of the platform.  Because it’s of a modular design, the AR-15 lends itself to many forms of customization.  The fore-end rails can accommodate accessories such as, flashlights, sighting devices, grips, bi-pods, etc.  Furthermore, features such as, pistol grips and adjustable stocks (allowing smaller operators like women to gain an appropriate fit), improve the ergonomics. 

Though the shot-gun is, arguably the most effective home defense weapon, the recoil is often too much to handle for many people, particularly for women and men of smaller stature.  That is where the AR-15 presents a viable option to these people.  The fact that the AR-15 can also accommodate up to 30 rounds is even more of an advantage for defense for the reasons already stated.  I agree, that in most situations, 30 rounds is over-kill, however, I contend that it is my right to determine how best to protect myself and loved ones, not some government employee who has virtually no understanding of the facts.

The most erroneous aspect about this SB6396 is its underlying contention that guns of any sort are responsible for crime.  Put a loaded gun on a table and leave it alone, it will sit there for eternity doing nothing at all.  Guns are inanimate objects incapable of taking any action on their own behalf.  Guns, like any other tools, such as knives, crow-bars, baseball bats, screwdrivers, just to mention a few, can only be used for bad when a person uses them as such.  There is no such thing as gun violence.  That belief is born of ignorance.  There is only human violence.  I find it more than ironic that the very people who wish to deny law-abiding citizens the best means of defending themselves against violent criminals are the same ones who are the most lenient with such said criminals.  They have adulterated our justice system and turned our penal system into a revolving door.

These people should leave our, undeniable, constitutional right to bear arms alone, and focus their misbegotten attention on catching, prosecuting, and incarcerating those amongst us who commit these violent crimes of which they pretend to be concerned about.
Tracy S Wilson
P.S.  Is it just a coincidence that during a year of record sales in AR-15 rifles and hi-capacity semi-auto handguns, that crime nationwide has fallen to its lowest level since the sixties? I think not.

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