Monday, November 12, 2012

Weapon of Deceit

By Lynn Costello

The Democrat party and the Obama Administration are being rewarded for a successful war of deceit perpetrated against the American people.  They tell lies, the mainstream media confirms the lies, the lies become perception and the perception becomes the reality.  President Obama has undeniably perfected the telling of a lie and is admired and revered by some for his lack of conscience and magician-like ability to erase any evidence of truth or fact in the minds of those who hear him.   One that worked really well was the class warfare against the rich.
Like they say, there is nothing new under the sun, and we have waged this war against the rich before.  The Democrats under President Bill Clinton used a “luxury tax” to make those evil rich pay for the pain and suffering their greed had caused the rest of us.   Even after the tax failed and had to be repealed, the unseen truth was left behind buried in the remains.   While the focus was on the rich people and their yachts, what was not seen were those who built the boats, as well as those businesses that supplied the material to build the boats and the corner cafĂ© where those who built the boats had lunch each day.   They lost their jobs, their homes and closed their businesses.  Oh, but it sure felt good to sock it to the rich.  But fear not, the rich are still here, for now, and another round of this war will go on for the next four years.
Another lie that became reality for many was the “blame Bush” excuse.  By blaming  Bush  and the greedy rich and with the support of the mainstream media,  President Obama in four years has not been held accountable for the consequences of his lack of leadership, ineptitude and destructive policies.  In the end, the facts don’t matter anyway.  It’s all about how we feel.
We might conclude that it’s too late for the blame Bush mantra to work for another four years, but Obama has been blessed with a Republican House of Representatives and they will surely be the stars of the next blame game.  So between the house, the rich and the continuing war on women it would seem that President Obama’s legacy is safe and it will, of course, be written by the mainstream media.

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