Monday, January 14, 2013

Guns in Classrooms

By: Mike Appel
I agree with the concept of allowing teachers, and perhaps some other school employees, (after obtaining a legal concealed carry permit and having special training) to carry a concealed and personally secured weapon for the protection of both that person and the students, as well as a deterrent to evil individuals seeking out a soft target in a “gun free zone”. The idea is brilliant both from a safety stand point, but also from a fiscal stand point. I also believe that college students who have legal concealed weapons permits should be allowed to carry for their own protection, as well as other students’ protection, on college campuses. All “GUN FREE ZONES” should be eliminated – all a “gun free zone” does is give some individuals a false sense of security, leave law abiding individuals (and children) unarmed and unprotected, and provide an easy target for unbalanced and evil blood thirsty individuals and groups. Subtly and secretly allowing certain trusted individuals within our schools to be armed would provide free security to our schools without having to pay for armed guards or police, and would not further illegal diminishment of the 2nd Amendment or some of our other freedoms.
One question here: Why is it that so many people are afraid that an armed (and properly trained) teacher or school employee may go off their rocker and start shooting up the place or may have their weapons taken from them and used in a shooting? We trust these same people with the lives and well-being of our children already for several hours each day, for 9 months out of the year, and for 13+ years. Do you honestly think that these same people without a gun could not hurt our children, intentionally or unintentionally, by some other means? That is not a common event. We walk by armed police officers all the time -- do we freak-out every time we see a cop, thinking that they might flip out and shoot us or someone we love, or have their guns taken from them and used in a shooting? No we don’t. Do those kinds of things NEVER happen or COULD they never happen? Well, yes they COULD happen, but we should not get rid of all armed police officers simply because something bad COULD happen, because we would all be less safe if we did. In the same way, should we not at least consider allowing trusted (until they prove otherwise) individuals in our society who wish to be responsible and protected, exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to ultimately protect themselves as well as all of those innocent people in their proximity? Would this not lead to the betterment of our society as a whole if more people were ACUALLY safe, rather than if more people were only PRECEIVED safe until some angry individual breaks the law and decides that he/she wishes to go out, but take others with him/her?
The answer seems clear. Bad thing can and often do happen in our society anywhere and anytime. There are mentally ill and plain evil people in this world that don’t care about a “law”. The law is not going to protect us or our children from these kinds of people. The law, in its most basic foam in our country, is supposed to be for all of our protection. Why then should the law keep us from protecting ourselves or protecting others from those that don’t care about the law and wish to do us harm? In a perfect world, we would not need any guns to protect ourselves, but this is obviously not a perfect world. We must be allowed to protect ourselves and our children and allowing responsible school employees to carry is the most efficient and effective way to accomplish this, at least until we get rid of all the mentally ill and evil people...